7th Chord Studio

This is my private recording studio and artist workshop. I have a 16 input Pro Tools rig with outboard gear, microphones, a massive list of plugins, VDrums, midi keyboards, musical instruments, amps and the largest collection of circuit bent instruments you will find anywhere.

New and interesing sounds or just options can really add to your final product. If you are self producing music in your private studio, your projects might benifit from tracking some things here and bringing those files back into your setup. Maybe you don't have a quiet space to track vocals and guitars all day. What does your guitar amp sound like with different microphones or preamps? Lets find out. If you are making beats, we can spice them up with fresh sounds or real instruments and musicians. These are great reasons to give me a call/text.

Please reach out to me at 415.999.4764. I can make it happen or I can offer advice. I'm always happy to discuss anything audio and music production related. alex@7thchordstudio.com

The three room layout is a multi-use, creative space. The interior is beautifully treated for music recording and sounds quite good. A great environment for a variety of projects involving music production and audio recording. I built the recording space in 2003 and have used it to record 100's of songs, dozens of albums, a ton of podcasts and a bunch of other fun audio & music related projects.

In addition to music productions, I am working on a lot of voice over sessions with post production for both broadcast media and podcasting. My space is a good fit for these type of projects. I welcome the opportunity to work with you, engineering your next song, audio book, podcast, voice over or whatever content you need for all your creative projects.





Madilyn L.
Alex was very responsive, informative, and generous. His space was perfect, very well appointed, well designed, excellent equipment, and looked exactly as advertised. We recorded voiceover work for an auto attendant answering service, and Alex’s editing abilities alone reassured me I’d made the right choice with this booking. He understood the rhythm of the work and was very open with his creativity so we worked well together and made quick and fun work of quite dry material. 5 stars, would recommend and book again. - January 25, 2022

Robert M.
Alex is an amazing recording engineer. He made our voice-over recording session (for a television documentary) go extremely smoothly. His equipment is top-notch and he was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely flexible and very accommodating. Highest recommendation. Would definitely work with him again when in the San Francisco area. - September 21, 2021

Conrad C.
Alex was great! The setup was awesome/clean, and so was the microphone quality. No surprises and I got the vocal export that I wanted. It was clear that he has a lot of expertise in this space. I am looking forward to working with him again! - November 14, 2020

Nick H.
Alex is a top notch sound engineer through and through. To hear him and my accompanist talk gear and tech was like listening to another language. It put me at ease to know that I was in good hands. His space is rad too-nicely laid out, enough space for me to comfortably film as we recorded, and there’s access to a restroom. Once we finished he sent me the project files within 15 minutes of completion. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to record a project. - November 12, 2020

Daniel L.
The space was perfect for our needs. We are amateur podcasters conducting a remote interview. Alex was able to work with us to ensure we captured quality audio in multiple formats and was quick to make adjustments when our original strategy didn’t go as planned. He is obviously highly skilled and experienced in what he does! Would highly recommend. - March 10, 2020

Hannah S.
Alex was an amazing host! My boyfriend and I came to record some vocals and write music. Alex was extremely helpful setting up and engineering so that the sound came out perfect. I would definitely recommend working with him and using his space. - February 23, 2020

Robert I.
I needed a space to record some vocals. He had 4 great speaker monitors that changed the way I hear music. The acoustics are amazing and Alex is a dope dude that has lots of knowledge and I plan to pick his brain so I could learn more. - January 25, 2020

Grayson S.
It was a great pleasure to be hosted by Alex in his studio. Everything from the "Welcome Grayson" sign on the gate to the cleanliness of the bathroom make the experience warm, welcoming, and considered. Alex takes his work seriously and has decades of experience to draw from if you have any questions. Would definitely book again! - January 21, 2020

Patrick H.
I was referred to Alex by my voice teacher in SF for recording a project back in 2017. Before meeting Alex, I had no experience singing in a studio setting, but the combination of Alex's easygoing demeanor and the coziness of his studio really helped assuage my anxiety. As we recorded, he gave helpful cues to streamline the process. After recording, Alex invited me to sit down with him to mix the vocals. This was by far the best part of experience. Alex not only made his own really nice artistic choices—he took his time to ensure that he incorporated my taste and preferences to the fullest degree. I was extremely picky, but his patience outmatched my pickiness. The end result was spectacular. Friends, family, and musicians alike have been floored by the recordings Alex put together. In retrospect, it was a life-changing experience to have worked with him, and I can’t thank him enough for putting everything together. - December 27, 2019

Lily M.
Alex was an incredible host, was very receptive towards our vision for the song but also gave plenty of input which has resulted in a really great mix. We felt very welcome and comfortable, the space is also cozy yet professional. Alex also was very responsive and as a result we went into the session with all of our questions answered. - September 24, 2019

Mckenzie E. .
Alex was incredibly responsive, the space was fantastic, we would definitely book him again!
Excellent venue with an excellent host! Great experience all around. - September 23, 2019

Daryl D.
Awesome space and host! Private entrance had a little sign with my name on it, made it feel special. - August 10, 2019

Horacio H.
Awesome place and host. Completely silent for our session. Our sound guy loved the sound of the recording room. We were able to get great voice over recordings. - July 28, 2019

Valentino F.
This was my first time in a studio. Alex made everything easy and comfortable. The atmosphere was so chill and Alex was very knowledgeable and a down to earth guy. The next song we do will definitely be in his studio. Awsome experience. - May 25, 2019

Linas S.
This is a space suits my needs perfectly. With all the noise in the City, it really difficult to record at home. I'm a songwriter that records his music on acoustic guitar. The studio is relatively small but versatile. It is acoustically insulated well and allows me to focus on my work. The host is really great and accommodating. I know I'll be back. - April 29, 2019

Carmen L.
I had a really good time working on recording vocals here. Alex's space was great for what I needed and I was able to do my project work comfortably. I will definitely recommend this space to anyone looking to do audio work! Alex was super helpful and gave me lots of tips for recording! - April 20, 2019

Robert W.
Alex was extremely fast to respond and very easy to work with. A+ host The space was great; exactly as advertised and clean. Worked well for our needs (filming and recording). Also, the location is very convenient. Very close to a main street, has parking, and no steps to deal with which is big if you're bringing in a lot of gear like we did. - April 17, 2019

Sandy L.
Fantastic experience! The session was a complete success. - March 15, 2019

Randy U.
Alex had a great space, both an inside that we used for video production, and an outside patio area that let us flexibly take care of our group, and was welcoming and professional. Thanks Alex! - January 31, 2019

Annika H.
We had an incredible experience at Alex's recording studio. He is very professional and incredibly skilled at recording music. We were blown away by this experience and would absolutely recommend it. - January 12, 2019

Allison S.
Alex was amazing from the beginning all the way to the very end! He's warm, welcoming, open, and phenomenal at his work. It was an intense day of recording, but the atmosphere he single-handedly created made it easy to get the take in (mostly) one go! Thank you, Alex!! - December 6, 2018

Casey F.
Alex was a great host and the space was perfect for an afternoon session. Alex gave me a ton of freedom in his space plus a long list of equipment and accessories I could use. I'm sure I'll go back for a round 2. - October 12, 2018

Chris G.
Alex's studio was perfect for the instructional video we were recording on classical guitar. The sound of the room was great thanks to the wood panels Alex had built and hung on the walls. These also made for a nice background for the video. Alex is very friendly and greeted me when I first arrived, showing me to the studio. Everything was very clean and even though there was an air show occurring for Fleet Week, we didn't pick up any extra sounds while recording. Highly recommended for all musical recording pursuits! - October 6, 2018

Please reach out to me at (415) 999-4764
or alex@7thchordstudio.com