Available 7 days by appointment
Please reach out to me at 415.999.4764 or recording@7thchordstudio.com

Built in 2003, my private recording studio has always been a productive place for making independent records. I have used the space to track and mix 100's of songs and dozens of albums including the entire catalog of music released with the Last Stop Records imprint. Conveniently located just off highway 280 on the Southern edge of San Francisco, there is plenty of parking and the studio is within walking distance from Daly City BART.

Working in a variety of styles, I'm hands on from start to finish. Fluent tracking, editing & mixing in Pro Tools, I have a methodical approach to mic placement and a seasoned command of my recording space.

In 2018, the studio is ideal for a variety of production applications. Isolated rooms are available for tracking a dynamic range of material and the equipment is fine tuned for accurate mixing & monitoring.

To get the best out of my extensive mic locker & RME converters, I hand picked outboard preamps by API, Neve, Universal Audio, & Soundcraft.

My custom Pro Tools 11 rig has 16 inputs. Massive memory and solid state drives allow for ample use of powerful plugins by Avid, Antares, IK Multimedia, Slate Digital & Waves.

Although I am working in Pro Tools, many people have their own setup's using Logic, Garage Band, Abelton and others. Often songs are programmed with midi and virtual instruments where all the sounds are in the box, so having a good sounding room or an expensive collection of audio gear and microphones isn't neccessary.

If you are already recording at home, my studio is a great place to take advantage of Class A preamps, a large microphone collection and isolation rooms. Come in and record some key elements, like vocal tracks and acoustic instruments or loud elements like electric guitars and drums. Anything that requires a dedicated recording space. I do a lot of this type of work and its very productive for clients recording and mixing their own music. They leave here with high quality audio files on an external hard drive ready to import into the project they are already working on at home.

If you would like me to mix your finished project, I can handle a variety of file types and will add a fresh ear to your music while delivering a quality mix in whatever formats you require.

Please reach out to me at 415.999.4764. I'm happy to discuss anything audio and music production related. I'm also available through recording@7thchordstudio.com.