7th Chord Studio

This is my private recording studio and artist workshop. I have a 16 input Pro Tools rig with outboard gear, microphones, a massive list of plugins, VDrums, midi keyboards, musical instruments, amps and the largest collection of circuit bent instruments you will find anywhere.

New and interesing sounds or just options can really add to your final product. If you are self producing music in your private studio, your projects might benifit from tracking some things here and bringing those files back into your setup. Maybe you don't have a quiet space to track vocals and guitars all day. What does your guitar amp sound like with different microphones or preamps? Lets find out. If you are making beats, we can spice them up with fresh sounds or real instruments and musicians. These are great reasons to give me a call/text.

Please reach out to me at 415.999.4764. I can make it happen or I can offer advice. I'm always happy to discuss anything audio and music production related.

The three room layout is a multi-use, creative space. The interior is beautifully treated for music recording and sounds quite good. A great environment for a variety of projects involving music production and audio recording. I built the recording space in 2003 and have used it to record 100's of songs, dozens of albums, a ton of podcasts and a bunch of other fun audio & music related projects.

In addition to music productions, I am working on a lot of voice over sessions with post production for both broadcast media and podcasting. My space is a good fit for these type of projects. I welcome the opportunity to work with you, engineering your next song, audio book, podcast, voice over or whatever content you need for all your creative projects.




Please reach out to me at (415) 999-4764
or alex@7thchordstudio.com